An innovative, non-invasive, "IoT" system integrated with a Command & Control S/W, designed, by monitoring the phenomena of Partial Discharge (PD), to detect and measure in real-time developing insulation degradation faults in their very early stage.



PDP have been invested in, and partnered up with, leading players in the Enegy field such as Horizon Green Tech VC, GE (Alstom), Gefen Biomed, "IEC- Israel Electric Company" and "Infralab"-

The collaboration of The "Israel Innovation Authority" with "Enel" company & "ShikunBinui"

Latest News

PDP Technologies Ltd. (“PDP”) and INFRALAB, the Innovation lab owned by Enel and Shikun & Binui located in Haifa, are happy to announce that on July 27th, 2020 they have reached an agreement together with Enel Infrastructure business unit, to collaborate and run a long term pilot project.

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