PDP Technologies was founded by Yuval Levin, Moti Itzkovich, and Dr. Harel Primack.  Currently funded by the Israel Innovation Authority and "Infralab". In the last and next year, taking part in the "Infralab" program for startups-  a collaboration of "Enel" major company with the ShikunBinui and Israel Innovation Authority.

The Market

The electrical grid – the infrastructure enabling the delivery of the generated electrical power to its users – is facing a major revolution in recent years; "Smart Grid" – adding "smartness" and IoT technologies to the grid, among others, for increased availability, reliability, durability and decreased maintenance cost - is a very high priority for utility operators worldwide. 






PDP's product is targeted at the full diversity of electrical equipment in the grid – High Voltage and Mid Voltage alike: transformers, switchgears, and others. PDP Technologies, by implementing monitoring devices and analysis technologies is bringing the ability to shift the maintenance paradigm of electrical equipment in the grid  to Condition Based Maintenance (CBM):

  • Increasing reliability and availability of power delivery to customers.​

  • Decreasing the cost and management complexity of maintenance operation.

While some solutions exist today for the High Voltage equipment at the transmission substations level, PDP Technologies is bringing the health monitoring and prediction abilities also to the level of Mid Voltage

equipment that is installed at transformation facilities at the distribution part of the grid by DSOs (Distribution Service Operators) and Mid Voltage customers like large buildings, commercial facilities, industrial facilities, hospitals etc.