Our technology offers increasing electricity power supply reliability & stability while decreasing the maintenance cost of HV / MV transformers.

PDP- Tech has developed a technology and system that remotely detects and monitors PD events in the field, continuously and online. In contrast to the standard measurement equipment, PDP-Tech's method is noninvasive and immune to noise. The system is based on the detection of an ultra-wideband (UWB) spectrum of electromagnetic radiation associated with the PD event (spike).


The detecting system incorporates an innovative architecture and algorithm design to cope with the noises associated with the PD signal. The advantages of sensing the electromagnetic radiation of the PD rather than the current pulses as in the standard method are the noninvasiveness, the ease of installation, and the ability to remote sensing of the radiated PD signal on the level of a single PD event online and continuously. This empowers the PDP-Tech system to be capable of delivering very useful maintenance and operational insights for the owners and operators of the HV equipment.

Our solution- An innovative, non-invasive, "IoT" system integrated with a Command & Control S/W. Designed for monitoring the phenomena of Partial Discharge (PD), to detect and measure in real-time developing insulation degradation faults in their very early stage.


The common denominator of MV and HV equipment is that one of the main failure mechanisms and one of the most difficult to detect on time – in many cases age-related – is the appearance of electrical spikes due to defects or contaminations in the insulating material. This can lead over time to total equipment failure. The basic concept of our disruptive IoT system is the detection and analysis of the Electro-Magnetic (EM) emission generated by these discharges to continuously assess the equipment's health.

Our technology has already been validated for HV cast resin dry transformers, which are the most sensitive and least reliable transformers type. Their number is increasing fast as they are environmentally safer!

Our competitive edge:

  • Noninvasive - no need for shut down / retrofit for sensors installation

  • Provides a predictive maintenance strategy above prevention and failure detection.

  • Continuous monitoring instead of sampling/ testing method.

  • Indifferent to equipment type: Manufacturer, age, model, etc.

  • Full integration with centralized  Command & Control system

  • Complies with the smart grid trends of Remote Sensing,  Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Actionable Big Data

  • Superior cost-performance ratio

Shown in the graph below is a working Prototype Detection System and filtering/ analysis S/W first version developed.