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PDP signed a pilot agreement with Infralab towards scaling up within Enel in Italy- August 2020

PDP Technologies Ltd. (“PDP”) and INFRALAB, the Innovation lab owned by Enel and Shikun & Binui located in Haifa, are happy to announce that on July 27th, 2020 they have reached an agreement together with Enel Infrastructure business unit, to collaborate and run a long term pilot project.
Following a successful POC program that was executed in the past year, PDP plans to deploy its systems in a few of Enel’s substations in Italy testing its partial discharge detection and monitoring capabilities as well as multi-site data analytics in order to provide Enel with maintenance insights and failure prediction. This pilot project, funded by Enel and a supplemental grant, will include the development of an advanced version of PDP’s detection systems and data analytics platform that will be deployed in the field for six months following that development effort.

PDP-Tech was selected to the Free Electrons international program 2020

Out of 850 startups, 36 were chosen to the Free Electrons international program. The Kickoff- In March-23 will be only the beginning of a great opportunity of receiving feedbacks and inputs for our technology, implementation strategy and business case. This program includes close interaction with 10 major utilities around the world that are related closely to the energy and electricity sector.

PDP Technologies have recently achieved a final technical validation of its technology specifically for the dry cast resin transformers segment.   A set of tests were conducted at Ardan Transformers company comparing detection capabilities (sensitivity and false alarms rates) with an existing incumbent standard certified system Ardan is using as part of its final QA in its production line. Sensitivity of over 99% with very low false alarm rate was proven.


Following the successful technical validation the Israeli Electric Company (IEC) as well as some industrial facilities and hospital have raised a significant interest in the potential implementation of the technology when productized at transformation facilities. Based on that we have submitted the documents for the European Community Horizon 2020 plan for funding of the productization of the technology to be able to start the commercialization phase.

A word from Dr. Ronan Stephan.

Group Chief Innovation Officer. Alstom

"The technological implementation of non invasive EM sensing and analysis which is naturally salable from monitoring a single elemnt up to several elements, including pointing of specific suspected elemnt, is considerd to be a noval approach. There are several potential advantages, among which is the fact of not being limited to specific equipment manufaturer or th model of the various elements on site"